• GEDDON PZ aims to share our love of Penzance’s local businesses and the community that surrounds them.Our corner of West Penwith is full of passionate, hard-working, creative, and innovative people with interesting stories to tell. GEDDON PZ was created as an affordable and offline way to advertise our local businesses to local people. Save the scrolling and consider this your ‘analogue newsfeed’ for wosson in Penzance.

  • In June 2023 we reached £5,347 in donations to our campaign thanks to all the wonderful individuals and businesses of Penzance. This enabled us to purchase a 3m X 3m pontoon which was installed that July. Further donations will purchase improvements or maintenance for the existing pontoon. In March 2024 we purchased additional blocks and non-slip mats to provide a seating area on the pontoon. For this reason, we are keeping the campaign open for any future contributions so that the pontoon can be added to each year.